About Us

SmartSportsUSA, LLC is a sports safety device company, providing innovative solutions for trampoline safety. Our focus is to bring improved safety to sports through innovative devices and advanced technology.
When SmartSportsUSA’s founder, Darsh Shah, learned of the high number of trampoline injuries, he decided there had to be a way to use technology to improve trampoline safety and avoid injuries, thus giving “birth” to SmartSportsUSA.
Today, his patented trampoline safety monitoring and alert device is affordable and easy to use.

Meet Our Leadership Team


Darsh Shah
Founder & President
North Oldham High School

Teenage innovator Darsh Shah launched SmartSportsUSA, LLC in January 2023 after applying for a non-provisional patent for this trampoline safety device invention in 2021. He now has received his patent (US 17681974) in June 2023.

The unique concept has garnered investor interest and Darsh has been able to raise seed capital to support product development and business growth. He has recently negotiated a partnership with the University in Louisville to build a proof of concept for the trampoline safety device and conduct a feasibility study. He is also working with his technology team to build a paired app with the device, which will also have features for the gamification of trampoline usage.

Interested in business from an early age, Darsh is a 2022 graduate of the Kentucky Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs. In 2021, he interned for a local start-up company in which he tested their mobile apps and website.

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Swati Shah
Managing Member

Swati Shah serves as the Managing Member for SmartSportsUSA, LLC. She brings over 15 years of industry experience with a strong background in technology and finance. Swati is a serial entrepreneur and has served as the Managing Member for Fetal Life, helping the company to win NIH grant and serving as the PI. She also currently serves as the Managing Member for mySalt&Sugar, LLC which has a patented device for monitoring sodium and potassium. She is very efficient in managing finances of the company and works closely with vendors to develop the roadmap for products. Swati is also the President of Darsh Consultancy Services and has been instrumental in growing this technology company through her leadership and management skills. Swati holds a Bachelors of Commerce degree from the University of Mumbai.

Meet Our Board Members


Jay Lawson
Board Member


Himanshu Shah
Board Member