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Every year there are several hundred thousand trampoline related injuries in the U.S. alone – and those are just the injuries that are reported and medically treated. A majority of these injuries are due to collisions caused by too many people on the trampoline at the same time. While some injuries can be severe or even fatal, many involve concussions or orthopedic sprains and breaks that could easily have been prevented. Our patented device can monitor the amount of weight on the trampoline, alert parents or guardians if there is a concern and reduce collision-related injuries from even having a chance to occur.

To Address Safety-Related Issues, We Have Created A Revolutionary Trampoline Monitoring and Notification Device.

  • The device, attached under the trampoline bed, uses sensors to measure and track common trampoline usage and performance hazards
  • The monitoring device sends this data to a smart device via a mobile app
  • The parent or guardian is immediately alerted of any dangers when the trampoline is in use
  • Three vital sensors share relevant tracking information with the mobile app user
    • Load sensor – measures the load on the trampoline, mainly the weight of the users.
    • Moisture sensor – measures the trampoline bed as accidents tend to happen more frequently when the trampoline is wet.
    • Elasticity sensor – measures if the elasticity of the trampoline bed is within tolerance range and safe to use.